Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

You know you have that song in your head now. I have had it in my head all day long. It was a beautiful day. 60 degrees in February is basically unheard of. The kids and I walked (well they rode their bikes) the two blocks over to the post office so I could mail our Netflix movies back. (I love Netflix btw) We are currently catching up on One Tree Hill season 3 since we don't get that channel. I was going to snap a couple pics of the kids riding their bikes and one of the outside of our house but wouldn't you know I forgot. We were kind of in a hurry because we only had about 40 minutes before we had to leave to get Regina from drivers ed. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again so I will take some pics. Today I decided that our house kind of looks like a gingerbread house. ;)

Tomorrow is the big trash pickup day. We dragged ALL of the junk out of the garage. I felt so accomplished after that.

I love that all the snow is melting but I hate the mud. It's causing me stress. Eek.

Well I felt like rambling tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with some pics.

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