Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kids Sharing a Room

Design Dazzle had a great post yesterday about kids sharing a room. My dear little sweet angels, Rhiannon and Joey, share a room. (Are you sensing the sarcasm here? That's awful isn't it? My kids NEED something to do! Help me!) I shouldn't complain about my children I love them to pieces and I'm so grateful to have them in my life to love. (And THAT is not sarcastic!) Anyway I digress, the topic of this post is kids sharing a room. Right now my kids' room is a DISASTER!!!! It's awful. Makes me want to run away screaming. When we moved in, I thought bunk beds would be a great idea. We got an old set of metal bunk beds for free from a friend. Did you catch that they are old beds? Well, it turns out they aren't that safe. The railing on the top bunk won't stay secure. The screw holes are too big for the screws from being taken apart and put back together so many times.

So........I have decided that I am taking down the bunk beds and putting in their twin beds. This needs to be done SOON because the sleeping arrangements aren't that great right now.

I like these two photos that Toni posted on Design Dazzle:

Of course I don't need three beds (Thank you Lord). I think this is a tad on the girly side but I like the colors and basic idea.

This one has the same colors as well. I love the white walls with white curtains idea. I might just do that. This one is a tad boyish.

If I use these as a guide, I think I can come up with something in between.

I love these fabrics I found here. I asked my mom already if she thought she could sew a duvet cover. hehe Mom? I guess the quarter is there for size reference. ;)

See Joey already has a plaid quilt with all of these colors. I tried to find a pic but I can't find one ANYWHERE. It was purchased at Target. I wouldn't have to buy him a new quilt/comforter and just find one that coordinates for Rhiannon.

I like this idea but you know I always change my mind. :)

Just thinking "out loud" on my blog.